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About Deccan Properties

Deccan Properties Owner (Mohammed Aziz) has come up with an efficient way to reduce the constant search of properties because we provide a one-stop solution to your housing or plot requirements. All it takes is a click to view thousands of plots, lands and independent houses that can be yours in no time.

Hyderabad city is growing as a metropolitan area by leaps and bounds where more and more individuals are residing in the city for work or other purposes. This results in an expansion of property requirements every day. We want you to quickly find ideal homes to live or to find properties so that you can invest smartly.

Our agents have years of experience in helping individuals in finding the right property where they also help you in various other negotiating requirements.

We are the best intermediary between buyers and sellers across the entire area. So be rest assured and use our services now.


Deccan Properties brings sellers and buyers together towards a platform that has been created in an organized manner. This is a customized platform that has been arranged to help you get the search results quickly where the properties are listed based upon their localities. 

Being the first of its kind, Deccan Properties aims towards maximum customer satisfaction and focuses on making sure that customers can search their desired properties quickly and in an efficient manner.

Our real estate agents, without any charges, can help you in finding your desired home and can also try to help you with the negotiation of the prices.

About Us
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